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Coalition Kingdom DJs was established in 2017 from a vision giving by Coalition DJ ATL member Terrell "Mr. CSA2k" Varnes (Founder | CEO of Coalition Kingdom DJs).  Coalition Kingdom DJs didn't get introduced to the world officially until January 2018. The vision and purpose, behind this music marketing engine, is to open avenues for artists to expose their music on a more professional level with a more professional package.  

The identity and structure of the Coalition Kingdom DJs are to break artists and instruct effective marketing tools to helping them elevate in all mainstream markets and media platforms. By creating events, radio exposure, available consultation, and mixtape outlets, we are able to help develop both purpose and balance in the careers of our existing and future clients. Coalition Kingdom DJs are most dedicated in building professionalism and sculpting brands without compromising the spiritual connection between ministry and music. Including Mr. CSA2k (Founder & CEO); Coalition Kingdom DJs consist of the following members: Mr. Tibbs (President) "Houston TX", DJ O-Trey "Chicago IL", & DJ Focus "Cleveland Ohio".